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[sticky post] Questions and Requests

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. Thank you

If your fandom doesn't have an add me community and you would like me to make it, feel free to make a request.

Comms made so far on LJ and DW (same names):
tvd_add_me (Vampire Diaries)
startrek_add_me (Star Trek)
spn_add_me (Supernatural)
heroes_add_me (Heroes)
sherlock_add_me (all versions of Sherlock Holmes)

Modeled after hp_add_me (Harry Potter Add me which isn't mine.)


I'm clearly stupid, because I can't figure out how to leave a picture/comment.

Can you tell me how that's done?

doesn't look like that worked

< img space src="url of pic" >

the only space is between img src
I'm curious- how did you come to be the maintainer of dynastywarriors? I know the community's been around for much longer than this journal was created...

Was it that the previous maintainer deleted their journal or something?

Edited at 2009-10-11 09:27 pm (UTC)
the old mod left lj and offered it to me :)
I'm here about heroes_scrt_arc, as much as i like the idea of that comm and i like the comm itself , I don't like how you make about 5 posts in a row :-/ .

It spams my f-page and there is no way i would see them all . So Please post at most once a day or something , I don't want to defriend the comm because of the spamming :-/
not a prob. I was gone the whole weekend so I did those posts to make up for it

Fandom Secrets

I love Fandom Secrets, and would love to be able to post there.

Re: Fandom Secrets